Innovations have always had a prominent position in our vision. Allied by the technological development and deep knowledge of the field, AluminRolls constantly improves its products. The improvements are related to:

  • Thermal insulation & soundproofing
  • Elegance
  • Practical ease of parts replacement
  • Optimum functionality
  • Durability and long lasting products, due to the reduction of damage caused by friction of the materials in use.
  • Use of environment friendly materials


On top and bottom of the box there is a 25mm polyamide, as well as plastic which fits slidably along the box. In the cast side, plastic insulation is snapped. A 1.5cm thick insulating adhesive is placed on the visited cap. This is how we isolate cold air from the inside of the box.

Εdge banding (socorro)

One of our innovations is the aluminum box with edge banding (socorro) that covers defects from cuts on the outer side of the box.

The underside of the box is angled, so that the frame of the window faces the box, and wide in the larger ones in order to be more stable. A brush is also installed to avoid potential squeaks and hisses from the air.


In AluminRolls products, the slider (a rolls segment) is screwed for less attrition and easy replacement.