ALUMIN ROLLS produces roller shutter systems, garage doors and strainers (fly screens) for proffesional and private spaces. The company's founder is George Boudouris, a professional with extensive experience in the field. Our staff consists of experienced and trained technicians who are responsible both for handling the specialized production equipment and for the research and development of new products.



ALUMIN ROLLS was founded in 2002 by George Boudouris in Stavrochori, Kilkis. Initially, the company was housed in a surface area of 500 square meters, and the production of roller shutters and garage door systems were mainly focusing the Greek market

n 2006 AluminRolls acquired a patent for the roller shutter boxes with thermal switch. In the following years, the company dynamically entered the market of rolls and garage door systems. AluminRolls expanded its facilities and was based in a 6,000 square meters area. The company was also equipped with modern cutting, assembly and final testing machines. Its aim was to expand all over Greece and abroad.

Later on, a new branch was funded in Heraklion, Crete, thus covering the needs of that region.

Today, ALUMIN ROLLS, having demonstrated insight towards innovation and with long-term partnerships, has managed to increase its productivity and its turnover, gaining the confidence of consumers in Greece and abroad.


Noone else knows our products as well as our own customers. For this reason, we at ALUMIN ROLLS are inspired by the needs of the most demanding consumers.
Our initial goal has been the establishment of our company in the rolls systems market.

Having achieved our goal, we decided to expand our vision by emphasizing in the research and development of new products and -based on our customer-centric philosophy- to make ALUMIN ROLLS an innovation and reliability center. The company aims to offer its customers functionality, safety and excellent value for money.

ALUMIN ROLLS administration, recognizing human resources as the main ally in the vision of the company, decided to invest even more in its employees. With the continuous and systematic training and by organizing regular meetings, we ensure effective communication and increase of productivity