ALUMIN ROLLSdevelops 18 boxes sub-categories; two of them stand out as AluminRolls technological innovations, with patents by the Industrial Property Organization.

With these innovations we have managed to isolate the cold air from inside the box, and the squeaks that it causes.

Our roll shutters systems boxes are divided into the following categories:

  • Trailers shutters systems: they are integrated into the frame, and are categorized depending on their material. We manufacture aluminum boxes, PVC, and Thermo for greater thermal insulation. Our rolls can be easily adapted to all types of frames. We can also provide them with screens
  • External shutters systems: they are boxes placed outside the frame and made of aluminum profiles. The outer boxes are used mainly in renovations and in new buildings, and they can easily be repaired.
  • Thermo: They are insulating shutters, modern and energy saving. AluminRolls Thermo rolls are among the most reliable and efficient in global market and meet all official requirements.