AluminRolls provides three options for rolls movement,depending on your needs:

  • Belt Drive: It is mainly used for driving lightweighed aluminum rollers (polyurethane and extruded), and can "pick up" rolls up to 12 kg. In special cases of heavy duty aluminum rolls up to 18 kg, a gear mechanism can be mounted that can lift up to 20 kg.
  • Crank Drive: It is ideal for rolls up to 30 kg. They are used when we do not want electric drive or the roll are quite heavy. It is available with removable or fixed handling pole.
  • Electric motor Drive: ΤThe electric motor is wired or wireless and is able to lift rolls of 8 to 215 kg. AluminRolls uses Somfy motors, known worldwide for their quality and reliability, while providing warranty to the customer up to 5 years. Furthermore, we can add to both wireless and wired motors a mode to stop when they find an obstacle. Especially for wireless motors we offer many features of bundled or separate movement (to move several rolls simultaneously or separately).

    However, one of the most modern technologies used by AluminRolls is the the remote monitoring of Electric motor Drive systems. How is this done? You can control your roller via internet; you open or close your rolls even if you are many kilometers away!

    Electric motor Drives are the most modern technological proposal concerning rolls systems. However we propose the addition of a crank in case of power failure..


All the aforementioned movement types have advantages. The choice should depend on your own needs. For example, the crank and the belt will not stop working in case of power failure and are a more economical solution. However, electrical shutters offer many more features. For example they won’t open if someone tries to break in. In addition, they can be easily used however large and heavy they are thanks to a switch. The most modern feature is the obstacle detection that protects the roll and the user. Last but not least, the control via internet can be very handy for those who travel a lot or are away from home for many hours.