As technology progresses, we constantly design new products and we use automations in order to improve our customers’ experience

We are able to apply the following automations for rolls and garage door systems:

  • Remote control: Recommended for the control of rolls and garage doors from distance. Mostly placed outside the box, they provide the possibility of grouping rolls, with simple or changing codes for greater security. There are remote controls of different designs, single channel or multichannel for handling multiple devices or groupings. You may also opt for remote control receivers placed inside the box.
  • Air and light sensors: They are both wired and wireless. The roller moves automatically without user intervention, by detecting the amount of light or air that we have prechosen.
  • Photocells: They scan the space under the roller to detect movement or obstacles, so that they reverse the movement of the roll or immobilize it.
  • Safety devices: A release box that covers the crank so that there is no access to it, when the roller is mounted externally.
  • Special Switches: Wired or wireless, for different functions (eg timers), they are available in various designs and colors.