Strainers are necessary parts of the frame in Greece. Our country’s wonderful Mediterranean climate, with high temperatures for long periods of time, requires open doors and windows for several months. Along with the dew and the breeze, our homes are invaded by... unwanted visitors, such as mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, and even mice.

So strainers are the only solution!

AluminRolls designs and produces high quality strainers,which meet the needs of our customers; we produce:

  • Pleated strainers (Plisse): They are the most modern strainers used mainly indoors. They are easy to use even in large openings. The pleated strainers are suitable for the disabled and elderly. The lower level driver replaces the floor guide, facilitating the passage and cleaning. It is easy to install, and covers any defect of the opening, while the special plastic clips make their removal easy for cleaning or storage
  • Horizontal movement strainers: They are the ideal solution for doors. They are manually operated and they can be resetted with a spring mechanism.
  • Vertical movement strainers: They are ideal for windows but also for non frequently used doors. Their price is quite low
  • Easy-open strainers : They are ideal for entrances of houses or shops, and kitchen doors. They are placed in ground-floor houses and cottages.