Home and car safety is a basic need. In this context, a garage door installation is ideal for your car parking space, which can also serve as a storage area, workshop etc. The garage should be in line with your needs and your lifestyle.

ALUMIN ROLLS develops electrically driven garage doors, manufactured with the most modern methods and machinery and characterized by their quality and their durability.

AluminRolls produces four types of electric garage doors with rollers:

Garage doors with aluminum box 320x320 and 250x250

Garage doors with moving bases and tubular

Industrial garage doors with lateral F120 motor shaft

Garage doors with central motor and springs

The opening roller offers many advantages such as:

  • Optimal use of the garage

  • “Invisible” motor (free internal space)

  • Non reachable by a pedestrian access

Thanks to the motor and the remote control, you will no longer need to get in and out of your car to park.

All kinds of garage doors guarantee great protection against break-ins and natural disasters, while offering insulation.

The best selling ALUMIN ROLLS garage door is the electric garage door with aluminum box. AluminRolls is cooperating with Somfy Group, global door and window automation leader, with sales of over 100 million electric motors worldwide.